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Yesterday, Today & Forever

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ďIt is the glory of God to conceal a matter but the glory of kings is to search out a matter.Ē (Proverbs 25:2)

ďFor the sincere seeker of the truth about Israel, the pivotal family-nation of the entire Bible, Godís Covenant People provides a comprehensive compendium of Biblical, historical, geographical and archaeological evidence. One of Weilandís greatest strengths is his ability to synthesize and narrow down this vast subject to a very precise, orderly and logical progression of proofs.Ē

óJames W. Bruggeman,
Pastor, Stone Kingdom Ministries
Read his review of this book.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Godís Plan for Physical Israel Today
Chapter 2 - Israel in the New Testament
Chapter 3 - Spiritualizing Israel
Chapter 4 - Are Todayís Jews True Israelites?
Chapter 5 - Israelís Scriptural Identity: National Aspects, Pt. 1
Israel to Continue as a Nation Before YHWH Forever
Israel to Become a Great and Mighty Nation
Israel to Become a Vast Multitude of People
Israel to Become a Multitude of Nations
Israel to Rule Over Other Nations
Israel to Be Feared by All Nations
Chapter 6 - Israelís Scriptural Identity: National Aspects, Pt. 2
Israel to Be a Blessing to All Nations of the Earth
Chapter 7 - Israelís Scriptural Identity: Geographical Aspects
Israel to Have a New Home
Israel to Be Gathered From Remote Countries, Coasts and Islands
Israel to Colonize and Spread Abroad
Israel to Find Native Inhabitants Diminishing Before Her
Israelís New to Be Restored From the Sword
Israelís New Land to Be Inhabited by a People Gathered From Many Nations
Israelís New Land Had Previously Been a Continual Waste
Israelís New Land to Be Inhabted by a People Who Would Live Securely
Israelís New Land to Have Cities and Villages Without Walls, Bars or Gates
Israelís New Land Described as the Camp of the Saints
Israelís New Land to Be Bordered by an Eastern and Western Sea
Israelís New Land to Have Great Agricultural Wealth
Chapter 8 - Israelís Scriptural Identity: Spiritual Aspects, Pt. 1
Israel to Have a New Religon and to Be Saved by YHWH
Chapter 9 - Israelís Scriptural Identity: Spiritual Aspects, Pt. 2
Israel (as the Only People Known as YHWHís Sheep) to Recognize Yeshua as Her Savior/Shepherd
Israel to Recognize YHWH as Her God
Israel to Possess YHWHís Holy Spirit
Chapter 10 - Israelís Scriptural Identity: Spiritual Aspects, Pt. 3
Israel to Have a New Heart and Spirit and to Be Born Again
Israel to Carry the Gospel to All the World
Israel to Be the Only People Given YHWHís Laws, Commandments, Statutes and Ordinances
Israel to Have an Inner Awareness of Biblical Morality
Chapter 11 - Israelís Scriptural Identity: Spiritual Aspects, Pt. 4
Israel to Be Known by the Blessings and the Curses of YHWH
Israel (when Disobedient to YHWH and His Laws) to be Devoured by Strangers and Not Realize It
Israel to Be Blind to Her True Identity
Israel to Be Called by a New Name
Chapter 12 - Corroborating Evidence
Archaeological Testimony
Historical Testimony
Jewish Testimony
Chapter 13 - Does It Make Any Difference?
Chapter 14 - The Choice Is Clear!
White Supremacy
Appendix 1 - The Talmud: The Jewsí Religious Book of Faith and Law
Appendix 2 - Eleven Current State Constitutions

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