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If you enjoy expressing yourself in writing, Tea Party and Conservative blogs are another great platform on which to engage these folks and begin the process of challenging their thinking. Following is a list of important topics and related articles you can use to initiate discussions and promote Yahweh’s Kingdom and laws. Click here for more information about how you can be an ambassador for Yahweh on the Internet.

Alcohol and Drug Enforcement:

Capital Punishment:

Citizenship Issues:

Common Law:

Constitutional Issues:

Constitution As the Supreme Law of the Land:

Cruel and Unusual Punishments:


Firearms and the Right to Bear Arms:

Freedom of Religion/Polytheism:

Government Theft:

Income Tax:

Indentured Servanthood vs. Incarceration:

Infanticide (Abortion):



Judicial Corruption:


The Kingdom As It Exists Today:

The Law As It Applies Today:

Lex Talionis:

The Mosque at Ground Zero:


Pledge of Allegiance:


Privacy Issues:

Religious Test Oaths:


Rights vs. Responsibilities:


Second Amendment:

Separation of Church and State:

Sodomy and Other Seventh Commandment Violations:

Supreme Law of the Land:

Tea Parties:

Term Limits:


Unalienable Rights:

The U.S. Constitution:


We the People:

Women's Liberation:

Yahweh's Law As It Applies Today:

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